The Role of the Reiki and Seichem Association

The Reiki and Seichem Association is a support group for Reiki and Seichem practitioners. Sophia Lucia established a network of newly-attuned students who needed support in their everyday healing practice. This is what the association was set up for, to fill that support gap and to provide a channel of communication for new students to experienced teaching masters whether they are practising as professional healers or simply healing friends, family, animals, plants and themselves.

The sections below contain information on:

Reiki and Seichem Standards

The Reiki and Seichem Association has established a database of members across the UK, checking the lineage of each new member to ensure that Reiki and Seichem standards are maintained. Members are required to demonstrate their lineage back to Usui, and to have been attuned face to face by a master using the standardised method of attunement as laid down in the manuals published the Association. This maintains the purity of the attunement procedures. Telephone attunements of Reiki and Seichem levels 1 to 3 are not recognised.

Reiki healers are expected to live by the five precepts given by Usui and to practise self healing on a daily basis.

Teaching masters are aware that any personally-held belief systems must not be combined with the teaching of Reiki in their classes, nor the teachings of any other therapy. Students can therefore expect to receive an attunement followed by instruction in Reiki and Seichem only, appropriate to the attunement level.

Professional teaching masters and practitioners are expected to follow the standards laid down by the Reiki Council’s Codes of Ethics and Practice.
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The Reiki and Seichem Association connects members on a local, national and international basis centralising information to aid our better development and understanding of healing with Reiki and Seichem. We keep a record of sharing groups so that all members can be in touch with their local members and become part of our network.

We have network coordinators representing members in their local areas across the UK. They are communication channels between indivdual members and the Association. They support members with queries about healing and teaching methods as well as organising sharing groups and events such as exhibitions and public demonstrations. There is also a helpline which is staffed by volunteers who are all experienced Teaching Masters.

The Association Newsletter gives the latest developments in the Association: news, current fee guidelines, healing stories and ideas from members, and forthcoming workshops. Sometimes there are new procedures in healing, in clearing and protection. Members write in with healing tales, different complementary therapies, self-development experiences, fund-raising for various charities and good causes.
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We strive to make the public aware of Reiki and Seichem by exhibiting at the Mind Body Spirit Exhibition in London and Manchester and advertising in relevant publications. We support people who wish to represent the Reiki and Seichem Association at a local level by helping with the setup costs and by providing literature and publicity material. This publicity generates interest from the general public who can locate healers via the website. We also send out a list of public practitioners to the public upon request and a list of Masters to prospective students.
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