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The Reiki and Seichem Association is a support group for Reiki and Seichem practitioners. Originally esablished as a network of newly-attuned students who needed support in their everyday healing practice, RASA fills that support gap and now provides a channel of communication for members of all levels, whether new students or experienced teaching masters, whether practising as professional healers or simply healing friends, family, animals, plants and themselves.

The sections below contain information on:

Book Shop

Our sales office stocks Kathleen Milner's books, DVDs and meditation CDs. RASA Teaching manuals are available for teaching masters; also Seichem and Reiki levels 1 and 2 for students at those levels. Practitioners can buy beautiful RASA Reiki and Seichem leaflets available for their own use, with space for individual contact details.
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Help line

This is staffed by experienced healers who are also teachers. We offer support for new members and regularly receive queries about healing techniques, the use of symbols and how to draw them. We also help new teaching masters who need support with their first attunement sessions. If the support required is more than can be given over the telephone, Head Office will arrange an introduction with a teaching master in your local area.
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Head Office

We handle all of the above queries as well as assisting with any disputes or complaints. We also provide references where appropriate. We offer professional advice in healing matters for practitioners and can advise on teaching practice and initiations to Masters who need to keep up to date with procedures.
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Network Coordinators

Network coordinators are being established across the UK to encourage local sharing groups and public demonstrations, and to provide support and information about healing practice. The coordinator role is one of communicator between students, practitioners, teaching Masters, the Reiki and Seichem Association and the general public. For further information contact Susie Fox, the coordinator of networkers.
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Research and Consultation

We have carried out research for members so that we can point you in the right direction for very competitive healing practice insurance cover. We consult with members on the three major financial areas:

These fees and subscriptions are updated from time to time and advertised in the newsletter as guidelines to practitioners and Masters.
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Reiki Council

RASA is one of the eight member associations of the Reiki Council, the lead advisory body for Reiki Practitioners in the UK. Through its member associations the Council represents the views of people giving Reiki to the public across the UK. It is a non profit-making body that sets standards and guidelines and provides information and advice.
To find out more, look at the Reiki Council web site.
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