Find a healer

Click on one of the links below to see a list of healers in that region. All these healers are registered with the Reiki and Seichem Association and have bona fide lineages that are known to us.

You will find public practitioners and teaching masters on the list. The difference between Reiki and Seichem is that Reiki practitioners are attuned to Reiki, the Earth elemental ray.
Seichem practitioners are attuned to the four elemental rays:
earth (Reiki), water (Sophi-El), and spirit (Angeliclight) and fire (Sakara).

If you wish to become a student of Reiki and Seichem then you need to look for a teaching master. All practitioners can heal but only teaching masters can perform attunements into Reiki and Seichem. It is a good idea to consider having a healing session from the person you have chosen before committing to attunements and a study course.

Need help finding a practitioner or teaching master? Contact Joanna.
Concerned or worried about any of the processes? Contact Brenda with your queries.