DVDs by Kathleen Milner

Healing Hands: Reiki I

Healing Hands demonstrates hand positions, healing techniques and ways in which to tap into psychic or spiritual abilities, which are described in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing and taught in many Reiki I classes.
Running time: 35' 11"

Symbols in Healing: Reiki II

Symbols are the language of the subconscious and the Holy Spirit. Like everything else, they come from God and have a consciousness, which is why they are able to work. In this video the viewer is invited to participate by tapping into the energy, drawing and sending healing symbols along with Kathleen. She demonstrates a variety of techniques which are taught in many Reiki II classes. Development of psychic abilities is also encouraged.
Running time: 30' 41"

Healing Animals with Reiki

Healing Animals with Reiki was filmed outdoors in the Arizona desert. It is both artistically beautiful and packed with information. This video includes:

Kathleen also demonstrates what the Tera Mai Seichem initiations into healing rays can do in the context of moving colours through chakras and a riding lesson working through conscious awakening.
Running time: 37' 00"

Tera-Mai Seichem Mastership

On a split screen Kathleen demonstrates how to do the Tera-Mai Seichem attunements to the left. On the right, the symbols and colours that are used are shown as they come up during the attunement. The Violet Flame attunement is also demonstrated.
This DVD is only available to those who have completed a Tera Mai Seichem Mastership class.
Running time: 15' 00"

Meditation CDs by Kathleen Milner

Candle Meditation / Crystal Cave

Candle Meditation uses a variety of techniques found in different mystery schools to take the meditator deeply within to heal and clear the Third Eye and other chakras.
Crystal Cave assists the meditator to work with Higher Masters.
Running times: 39' 50" / 30' 20"

This is our most popular meditation tape.

Journey to Sacred Mountain / Ancient Egyptian Meditation

Journey to Sacred Mountain is based on the Native American 20 Count to call in different realms of Creation.
Ancient Egyptian Meditation uses Egyptian Symbology to take the meditator deeply within to explore archetypal energies.
Running times: 33' 19" / 29' 29"

Past Life Regression / Shaman's Journeywork Drumbeat

Past Life Regression takes the meditator back to past lives and heals the issues that are brought up.
Shaman's Journeywork Drumbeat is the drumbeat used in all Shamanic classes that teach journeywork. There is no guided meditation. For instructions on different types of journeys, read Becoming a Shaman: It's Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been.
Running times: 33' 32" / 28' 52"