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Books by Kathleen Milner
Reiki and Other Rays of Touch Healing £15.60
Tera, My Journey Home £20.50
Between Two Worlds £15.60
Richard III: White Boar £15.60
Becoming a Shaman £15.85
Healing Hands £15.25
Symbols in Healing £15.25
Healing Animals £15.25
Seichem Mastership (sold only to Reiki and Seichem masters) £15.25
Meditation CDs
Candle Meditation / Crystal Cave £7.15
Journey to Sacred Mountain / Ancient Symbology £7.15
Past Life Regression / Shamans Journey £7.15
Beautiful Reiki and Seichem leaflets describing the system for prospective clients. Designed for individual practitioners to publicise their own practice – just fill in your name and number in the appropriate gap. £10 for 50
£25 for 150